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MRF Challenge 2012 series Round 2: Race Report

by Niharika Ghorpade Posted on 03 Dec 2012

British driver Jordan King knotches up a double win in the Round 2 of the MRF Challenge 2012 series at the Buddh International Circuit



MRF Challenge 2012 Round 2 Buddh International





Staged under the auspices of the SIDVIN Festival of Speed at the Buddh International Circuit on December 1-2, 2012, the MRF Challenge 2012 Round 2 featured four races held over two days, with 18 Renault Sport powered Dallara single-seater cars. Indian rally ace Gaurav Gill was roped in as guest driver. The first race involved 10 laps, and the top six drivers graduated to the 15-lap second race in an inverted grid order. 


Championship leader Jordan King did not race on Sunday as he had to return to England for a British Racing Drivers Club award ceremony. He is currently under the watch by Formula One teams as one of the driver managers was spotted watching him on Saturday.


Day 1 – Race 1 & Race 2


With 18 drivers in the fray, Jordan King won the first race followed by Conor Daly in second place and reigning Formula 2 Champion Luciano Bacheta in third. Indian drivers Parth Ghorpade and Parthiva Sureshwaren finished eighth and ninth respectively. Guest driver Gill retired on the first lap itself. 



MRF Challenge 2012 Round 2,L-R: Conor Daly, Jordan King,
Gautam Gambhir, and Luciano Bacheta



King also won the second race followed by Luciano Bacheta in second and Alice Powell in third. Gill finished in 10th place while Sureshwaren finished 12th.


Ghorpade finished in seventh place but a 20-second penalty for wrong positioning of the car on the starting grid dropped him to 14th. Yuudai Hingkawa crashed out after two laps and Jon Lancaster retired after six laps.


Day 2 – Race 3 & Race 4


American GP3 champion Conor Daly won Race 3 followed by lone lady driver Alice Powell in second and British driver Hector Hurst in third. Gaurav Gill finished in sixth place followed by Sureshwaren in seventh. Parth Ghorpade claimed twelfth place. Luciano Bacheta and Jon Lancaster retired after two laps and Henrique Baptista’s race ended after six laps.



MRF Challenge Round 2 Race 4, L-R: Sam Dejonghe,
Yuudai Jinkawa and Hector Hurst




Japanese driver Yuudai Jingkawa won Race 4 followed by Sam Deonghe in second and Hector Hurst in third.  Sureshwaren finished sixth followed by Parth in seventh. A collision on lap 6 saw Gill finish 16th. Alice Powell finished fourth while Race 3 winner Daly finished 15th after a crash on the 12th lap. Bacheta’s mechanical problems resulted in another DNF.