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Jerome d'Ambrosio to replace Grosjean in Monza

by Muntaser Mirkar Posted on 04 Sep 2012

Lotus third driver Jerome d'Ambrosio will step in for Romain Grosjean who has a one-race ban at the Italian Grand Prix this Sunday


Jerome d Ambrosio Lotus F1 Team



Romain Grosjean’s first corner antics at the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix may have earned him severe penalties after he directly and indirectly took out Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez, but that has sure come as a silver lining for Lotus’ third driver Jerome d’Ambrosio. The Italian will be replacing Grosjean at the wheel of the E20 for the race on Sunday at the legendary Monza circuit. The decision to get d’Ambrosio literally into the race seat was taken immediately after the ban was handed out to Grosjean – the team already having had his seat fitting done after the race in Belgium on Sunday.


Jerome d Ambrosio Lotus F1 Team


Jerome d’Ambrosio is no stranger to Formula 1, having raced the entire 2011 season with the Marussia Virgin team – though at the lower end of the field. His most recent drive in an F1 car though was at the Mugello tests and it will be interesting to see how the youngster performs in better machinery than he ever had in 2011 when he takes to the track in the first practice sessions on Friday.




The move also seems to be the right one for Lotus as they won’t exactly be the most favourite team going into Monza considering that one of their cars took out 2012 season Championship leader Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari. Of course, it will help the team get great PR throughout the weekend as well with an Italian driver stepping in for the Italian Grand Prix.