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Interview with Karun Chandhok: On his career in WEC, participation in ROC, and more

by Team ZigWheels Photos : DPPI Posted on November 7, 2012 17:17 IST 918 Views

Indian racing driver Karun Chandhok talks about his career in World Endurance Racing, his participation in the Race of Champions and more

Karun Chandhok



ZW: You've been doing extremely well in the WEC. Do you think you will stick to this format of racing or are will we see you at the wheel of an F1 car again soon?

Karun: Well, who knows what the future holds. I would love the opportunity to have a good crack at F1 again, and I am hopeful on that front. I can’t afford to have another year of testing as I really missed racing last year. This year I have really enjoyed racing and I want to be behind the wheel as much as I can. Whatever happens in F1, if there is the opportunity to race, I would grab it with both hands. But, if it is another year of testing then I will combine it with racing in WEC. 


ZW: The kind of racing is very different in endurance racing and in Formula 1, how different is your fitness training considering the two?

Karun: Its different in some ways but, not in others. I think mentally it is very tough because you’re in the car for longer and you have to be ready for those stints behind the wheel. In endurance racing there are times that I am out there for around three to three and a half hours which is a long time to stay focused. Physically, endurance is not as demanding as F1 but, I kept training in the same way as F1 to make sure I am fit for any opportunity that comes.


ZW: You also do a lot of commentating for Star Sports on F1 weekends and the insight that you have on a race as a racing driver is phenomenal to watch. A lot of retired drivers have taken that route - David Coulthard, Damon Hill, Johnny Herbert, etc. Do you think this could be a full-time career for you in the future as well?

Karun: Who knows! And most people seem to enjoy what I say, so, I think there are enough opportunities out there. I just don’t have the time to do it full-time at the moment. So I enjoy doing my six or seven cameos of the year and the channel would like me to do all of them, but as I said my priority is racing. 

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